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    Peter took a shine to music at an early age. When he was five years old (around the time he wrote his first symphony for pulled cats' tails), his parents finally relented and got him a violin. Although the "music" he played sounded strikingly similar to the complaining cats at first, he eventually gained enough skill to become a contributing member of Squidjigger on the viol-- er, fiddle.

Peter always wanted to be in a touring band, so when the boys refused to take the show on the road, he decided to put some road between himself and the show by moving to Calgary. Many years and hundreds of thousands of travelled kilometres later the mystique has long worn off, leaving him to question the wisdom of that decision.

When not playing music with the boys, Peter can be found elbow-deep in airline business, coding websites, globetrotting or embarrassing himself at racquet sports. You can get a hold of Peter here.

Here are a few of the things that keep Peter busy:

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  Squidjigger.ca sprung fully formed from the collosally creative minds and hands of Jes and Peter.

Code Cowboy
Peter spent a whole 18 months in the IT world, several years ago. During that time, he designed and coded automated websites, databases and pretty much whatever else was needed. He has now moved on to the jet-set world of airline management but can still be coerced into a web project if it promises praise and petty favours. Got an abundance of either? Contact him here.

Design Daredevil
After 11 years spent designing everything from pamphlets to software interfaces, Jes left design behind and entered the less lucrative world of freelance writing and black-box theatre directing. He designed the original web interface for the site of 99.9 "The Buzz" and once created a small music store's corporate identity in return for a Washburn bass. Wanna talk shop? Contact him here.

Peter and Jes
Photographed by Jes and Peter,
Lincoln Center, NYC, 2002

This site and everything on it is ©opyright 2014 Squidjigger. So tempting to copy... resist!